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+358 40 164 9940

Marketing communications company Source creates communications campaigns and pr for the digital age. In the very center of everything we do is strategic planning. We have a strong knowledge of various business areas and our main aim is to support the long-term goals that our clients have both financial and brand wise.

We find compelling angles and ways to tell stories. We build marketing concepts and create various contents like written materials, videos, podcasts and graphics for social media, TV, print media and practically all digital channels. We also produce media services and organize different events.

Our clients include organisations of all sizes from private listed companies to public services up to Ministries and start-ups. The Finnish administration site is a big part of what we do as we are partner in governmental Hansel-agreement

Our team has an international experience from various projects in all around Europe and Asia. We have a deep experience from the business and marketing sectors especially of Finland, Iberia and China.

Marketing agency Kitchen is part of Source. Together, Source and Kitchen form a one-stop shop for our client`s marketing and communication needs.