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Wärtsilä Ibérica, a company belonging to the Finnish Wärtsilä Corporation, began its operations in Spain in 1987 as a "joint venture" with a local engine manufacturer. The company, based in the town of Bermeo, in northern Spain, is the largest supplier of engines and complete propulsion systems —including gear boxes, shaft lines, propellers and remote controls— for the Spanish shipbuilding industry. Likewise, Wärtsilä Ibérica is heavily involved in the promotion and delivery of engines for electricity generation and cogeneration in power plants.

The company is organized in five main divisions: Ship Power, Power Plants, Services, R & D and Manufacturing of propellers and propulsion components.

Wärtsilä has had operations in Spain and Portugal including Engine and Propeller Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, Service and R&D activities. Major acquisitions took place in 2003 with Navalips and, lately, in 2011 with Cedervall.

Wärtsilä's primary activities in the Iberian Peninsula are the sales and service of Ship Power solutions and Power Plants, as well as the manufacturing of propellers, seals & bearings and the development and testing of new engine prototypes. Wärtsilä operates from 6 sites across Spain including 2 under Cedervall name and 1 in Portugal.



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